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Child-friendly Procedure Mask

Our FLUIDSAFE standard procedure mask is manufactured from high quality fabric with a super soft silk-like inner material providing excellent comfort to the wearer. The fun and exciting pattern of underwater creatures is loved by young children and is perfect for relieving their anxiety in paediatric theatres and departments. Our type IIR masks provide the highest barrier performance and their fluid resistant properties offer protection against splashing during procedures.

Our procedure masks are most suited for use in clinical environments for patient encounters, examinations and minor procedures. Elastic earloops are easy to apply and provide a comfortable fit.

Manufacturer Product Codes (MPN)IS8RM04P
ManufacturerISOL8 Healthcare Ltd.
Mask typeFluid resistant child-friendly adult mask for use by paediatric healthcare professionals
Compliance with standardEN14683:2019 Type IIR
Mask size (Length x Width)175x95 mm
Mask fitEarloops
ColourWhite with child-friendly animal pattern
Mask fabric (3-layers)Outer: 35gsm Spunbond Polypropylene,
Middle: 30gsm Meltblown Polypropylene
Inner: 18gsm extra soft ES silk-like fibre
EarloopsSpandex polyurethane coated with nylon thread
160±5mm x 3mm
Nose bar materialFull length aluminium nose piece
Latex statusNot made with natural rubber latex
Metal statusNickel and cadmium free
CE certificationMDR 2017/745 – Class I medical device
Manufacturer QMSISO 13485
GTIN code inner box05391541270348
GTIN code outer carton05391541270874
Order codeNPCProductQuantity
IS8RM01PBMW85106FLUIDSAFE Procedure Mask40 boxes of 50 masks (2000 masks)
IS8RM01SBWM85043FLUIDSAFE Surgical Mask40 boxes of 50 masks (2000 masks)
IS8RM02PBWM85050FLUIDSAFE Anti-fog Procedure Mask40 boxes of 50 masks (2000 masks)
IS8RM02SBWM85049FLUIDSAFE Anti-fog Surgical Mask40 boxes of 50 masks (2000 masks)
IS8RM03PBWM85048FLUIDSAFE Procedure Mask with Visor8 boxes of 50 masks (400 masks)
IS8RM03SBWM85047FLUIDSAFE Surgical Mask with Visor8 boxes of 50 masks (400 masks)
IS8RM04PFLUIDSAFE Child-friendly Procedure Mask40 boxes of 50 masks (2000 masks)
IS8RM04SFLUIDSAFE Child-friendly Surgical Mask40 boxes of 50 masks (2000 masks)

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