Theatre Headwear

Basics Bouffant Cap

Our range of Basics headwear are all made from a soft, breathable spunbond polypropylene fabric which offers a great combination of both comfort and affordability. Our Basics range has been designed to meet the basic needs of your operating department while offering great value for your money.

This single use basics bouffant cap offers a light and spacious design with a round shape allowing full coverage of the wearer’s hair. This cap has elastic around the entire circumference which ensures it sits comfortably and securely on the wearer’s head. It is suitable for use by person’s with both long and short hair.

Manufacturer Product Codes (MPN)IS8HB06
ManufacturerISOL8 Healthcare Ltd.
Product typeSingle use theatre bouffant cap with an elasticated circumference
SizesOne size fits all
FabricSpunbond Polypropylene 25gsm
TiesElasticated circumference
Latex statusNot made with natural rubber latex
Metal statusNickel and cadmium free
Shelf-life3 years
Product packaging (inner box)100 hats per dispenser box
240x240x220 mm
Product packaging (outer carton)6 boxes per carton (600 hats)
Recycling InformationOuter carton and inner box are 100% recyclable (cardboard)
Hats are non-recyclable
CE certificationMDR 2017/745 – Class I medical device
Manufacturer QMSISO 13485
GTIN code inner box05391541270454
GTIN code outer carton05391541271024
Order codeNPCProductQuantity
IS8HB01BWF85013Basics Theatre Cap (tie-back)6 boxes of 100 (600 hats)
IS8HB02BWF85012Basics Operating Cap (tie-back)6 boxes of 100 (600 hats)
IS8HB03BWF85011Basics Theatre Cap (elasticated back)6 boxes of 100 (600 hats)
IS8HB04BWF85009Basics Operating Cap (elasticated back)6 boxes of 100 (600 hats)
IS8HB05BWF85010Basics Surgeon’s Hood6 boxes of 100 (600 hats)
IS8HB06BWF85019Basics Bouffant Cap6 boxes of 100 (600 hats)
IS8HB07BWF85018Basics Theatre Hijab6 boxes of 40 (240 hijabs)

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