Surgical Masks

Our FLUIDSAFE brand of surgical masks is designed with the highest standards of protection and comfort for healthcare professionals. These fluid resistant masks are made from premium quality materials with a soft, silk-like inner layer that ensures comfort for medical staff during demanding procedures in the operating room. Our Type IIR surgical masks exceed fluid-resistant requirements and are designed to protect healthcare personnel from splashes and other fluid exposures during various medical procedures. The full-length aluminium nose bar piece in each mask guarantees a secure and adjustable fit for enhanced protection and comfort. Manufactured from high-grade SMS fabric, these fluid resistant masks are latex, nickel, and cadmium free, making them safe for use by individuals with sensitivities to these materials. Our entire range of surgical masks is available with both tie-ons and earloops for any type of medical procedure.

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FLUIDSAFE Procedure Mask with earloops, fluid resistant, Type IIR, designed for safety and comfort.

Procedure Mask

Green-striped FLUIDSAFE Anti-fog Procedure Mask with earloops, offering fluid resistance and clear vision with an anti-fog nose bar strip.

Anti-fog Procedure Mask

Orange-striped FLUIDSAFE Procedure Mask with visor and earloops, combining Type IIR fluid resistance, anti-fog for comprehensive protection.

Procedure Mask with Visor

Child-friendly FLUIDSAFE Procedure Mask with earloops, featuring a fun animal pattern on white, fluid resistant, Type IIR.

Child-friendly Procedure Mask

FLUIDSAFE Surgical Mask with ties, providing Type IIR fluid resistance for enhanced protection during surgical procedures.

Surgical Mask

FLUIDSAFE Anti-fog Surgical Mask with ties and green stripes, fluid resistant, Type IIR, and anti-fog to ensure clear vision during surgical procedures.

Anti-fog Surgical Mask

FLUIDSAFE Surgical Mask with visor, ties, and orange stripes, fluid resistant Type IIR, and anti-fog nose bar strip for surgical use.

Surgical Mask with Visor

White FLUIDSAFE Child-friendly Surgical Mask with ties and a fun animal pattern.

Child-friendly Surgical Mask

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